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I am very disappointed with the amount of supposedly free slot play in proportion to what I spent (several thousand) between early November and early December 2017. For example, in October they gave me $20 four times per week, yet after spending more in one month than I ever had before, (erroneously thinking that I would be rewarded with more slot play in December) I got only $15 four times a week in November and just received my $20 four times a week for January.

When I complained to a boss, Wayne, he explained that there is about a two or three month prior evaluation (time needed to prepare the Players Club Rewards cards) based on how you play over a three-month average. He did not help me. Boy, do I feel like a sucker. I hope others will not make the same irresponsible judgement as I did about slot play rewards.

Also, the hot food selection in the VIP lounge is terrible.

About two times a week, they have perogies and some kind of Greek stuffed wafers - nothing else hot. This seems very cheap!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How much you drop unless it is a lot is not the factor in determining how much free play you get it's a lot more complicated my friend gets $1,000 per week in freeplay unfortunately I'm one of the days he gets free play he's not there

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