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I trying to make a legal complaint of a bad experience I have a week ago I bean playing for many years many thousands of my dollars and what happens this pass weekend. Was that ----- u guys have a lot.

Asians workers and Asians tables pit bosses u guys call them ok!? So I was playing on a 4 card poker and the dealer at that moment was a chines girl that happened on Saturday going to Sunday around 2:50 am well. The. Chinese lady disrespectfully say to me no cursing on my table ***!!!

And I say what did u say?? Ok I will report u with ur boss I say to her! So I call the pit boss table and I request for the big pit boss for the entire section! And before he get to my table the chines dealer and the pit boss for the table spoke in Chinese protecting each other that what I hate from that peoples the talk in chines so nobody understands them!

So when pit boss for the section got to my table the other Chinese pit boss talk to him before he came to my request and by then the general section pitboss ((Paul))) is his name he was under the impression that I was the bad guy!!!! And with out. Investigations or anything he just cursed at me and told me that he will get me out of the casino and I will never going back there!!! I was like what are u talking about I requested u to come to my table !!!

I. Want to report the Chinese lady who disrespect me!!!! I very upset. How they change everything between them and me as customer is like we just losers no respect!!!

So I am trying to reach someone's who can ether talk to this guy (Paul)) the big pit boss)))) or make he apologizes at least tone for not being professional and being disrespectful to me as customer he is being very disrespectful no just with me with a lot other people's I see him screaming to other people's and that can hurt u casino I hope u can help me get to the. Right peoples.

Or help me to get to the right one who can do something about this please I try make a complaint I the casino 4 days ago? Didn't go anywhere the guy ((Paul))) just Blame me so he can look like the Good Guy Buy look in ur westsite from Facebook alto complaints about that guy ((((Paul))))

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